Beadonor: Give the Gift of Life

Many of us believe a situation where an organ may fail will not happen to ourselves of someone we love. You have the power to make a difference in someones life by deciding to share your organs and tissues when you no longer ahave use of them.

Visit Trilliium Gift of Life Network at  to learn about how Organ Transplantation is growing as ameans to save lives.

Please watch the stories below of the real life situations of very ill people waiting for suitable organs to save their lives.  Remember you can make a differnce, we ask only that you learn more and make an educated decision.

Our Lions Clubs have custom link to allow you as an Ontarion to let your choice be know or to change your existing choice re organ transplantation. The Lions Clubs of Southern Ontario have campaigned in support of this program since 2012.  Click o
n this link Beadonor - District A711 Lions and then click the red button at the top of the page to see or change your choices.  Your choices will be recorded and kept securelty linked to your Ontario Health Card records, to be available on a timely basis should your choices have the potential to help someone


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