Our Lions Farmers Market locations are now Closed for the 2020 season

Our 2021 Market Season will re-open in June 2021


We opened our 2020 Market season with strict Covid-19 shopping procedures

We hope that the Covid-19 chronovirus pandemic will pass by the time we open in 2021.  As with the season just concluded we will work with the Ontario Ministry of Health, the Peel Region Health Departments, the City of Mississauga and Colliers Property Management (Sunday Market) to ensure that we open safely.

We strive to open in a way that is safe for all participants.

Due to Covid-19 we ask that all market participants and patrons please follow these guidelines:

- Maintain a seven (7) foot separation from other participants at all times
- Always wear a mask for our mutual safety
- Wash your hands or use hand sanitizers frequently while in the market
- No sampling or touching fruits or vegetables before purchase
- Walk in the direction of the arrows markings in the market

Our Two Lions Farmers Market Locations:

Our Wednesday Market runs weekly, early June through mid-October 2021
Wednesdays 9 AM- 5 PM

on Mississauga Celebration Square, located in front of Mississauga City Hall

There is plenty of parking immediately below the market; accessible via stair adjacent to the market. Underground parking under City Hall and the Central Library is accessed from Duke of York Blvd.  Check out Wednesday Lions Farmers Market on Yelp

Click here for the Mississauga Celebration Square Event Calendar

Our Sunday Market will run weekly, early June through late October 2021
3 Robert Speck Parkway (in the parking lot) 
 Sundays  8 AM – 4 PM 

(adjacent to Shipp Drive) See map on the left side of this page. 

Alternate access: Find us on Shipp Drive south of Rathburn Road East.

We have over nearly 400 free parking spaces for shoppers adjacent to the market. Parking on the upper level adjacent to the market will be restricted this year. Overflow parking is available at 4 Robert Speck Parkway.


To ease congestion in the parking lots the parking lot entrance closest to the Market has is not in use.  Please enter the parking lots by the southern entrances to the above and below ground parking lots.   Note:  Shipp Drive itself is designated as a No Parking at any time zone by the city - you may be ticketed by the Mississauga Parking Authority.  Parking in our Market parking lots is Free.


The Mississauga Central Lions club raises funds for donation through the operation of two Farmers Markets in downtown Mississauga, by sponsoring Bingo sessions at Rama Gaming House - Mississauga and via other special projects.

Our Lions Club has operated our Farmers Markets as a fundraiser in Mississauga since 1975. In that time we have raised and donated well over five Million dollars to our community.  Check out our Organizations Supported page to see who benefits from our fundraising efforts.

Shopping at our Farmers Markets is a healthy decision not only for you, but for our community's economy as well.  For every dollar spent at our Market, another two dollars ripple through the provincial economy.  In Ontario alone, sales at Farmers Market total almost $500 million, leading to an economic impact of an astounding $1.5 billion!

For every one person you see working at the Market, another two are busy at work back home.  As many as 27,000 people in Ontario are directly involved in preparing and selling the products you find at the Market.  Furthermore, Farmer Markets are good for other businesses too, Studies show that 60 to 70 percent of market-goers visit neighbouring businesses on their way to and from the market.

We thank Lion Manny Castellino for his many years served as Manager or our Lions Farmers maket and we welcome Lion Pawan Dewett
as Market Manager effective November 2019.

The club is thankful to our current location sponsors: Colliers Macauley Nicholls (Ontario) Inc., Mississauga Executive Centre; Desjardins Financial Security Life Assurance Co., Onteri Holdings Ltd., AIMco Realty Investors LP for the use of their parking lot at 3 Robert Speck Parkway, and the City of Mississauga for the use of Celebration Square.  Over the 45 years we have run Farmers Markets in Mississauga we are now in our eighth and ninth locations.

For more information call 647-830-0216 or write to:
Chairman Farmers Market
Mississauga Central Lions Club

P.O. Box 29601, Central Parkway Post Office
Mississauga, Ontario L5A 4H2

Email:  farmersmarket@lionscentral.com
Follow us on Twitter: @LionsFarmersMkt

See more pictures from both markets on boards at Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/lionsfarmersmkt/

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